Chaos of the world – A Story


It is not easy to leave your comfort zone, especially if you do not know what to expect. The routine, which takes care of you, which loves the every day and does not like changes, is thrown overboard. I appreciate it, but it does not drive me to go a step further. It deals with the past, worries about the future but neglects the now.

It lets us get used to something as inconceivable as life, and we only think about it when we have to leave our beautiful world.

The sun rises and when she went down I was on another continent. A foreigner. A stranger in a strange country, with a foreign language and a foreign culture. Strange to me. I am alone at the bus station, none of the road signs is deciphered, it is getting dark and the backpack is annoying. I feel observed, smiled and do not want to go wrong.

Getting into the little „chaos of the world“ takes a few days. No one turns the switch, after which it suddenly is like home again. No familiar faces, the way home is not the same and you have to look for a new place to stay for tomorrow.

In the first few days and weeks of a trip, you will learn which things you have to worry about, what is important and what can wait. Transport, accommodation, visas, and cash are among the most important things. If you learn and admit what a journey challenges you, you will get an idea of what a journey can give you.
The strange place becomes a „still“ strange place, which you want to get to know. And after you know it, it is no longer just a place on the map, you connect people, scents, and experiences with this place.

Observe, try to understand, learn and reflect.

Life is more interesting when I am curious. Every situation that is different from my everyday life is a challenge. Do I now see myself as a victim of circumstances that can not do anything? Or will I tell myself. An adventure! What do I have to do to make it stand? Sequel follows…

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